Helen's firm determination and hard work enabled her to achieve what she wanted. How can I elaborate on this statement?

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Being both deaf and blind, Helen's education was particularly difficult and some of the most elementary tasks were extremely time-consuming. Helen displayed determination, integrity, courage, and persistence in order to learn how to read, write, speak, solve math problems, and pass her college courses. Helen mentions that learning to speak was a particularly arduous, time-consuming task that required her to feel a person's lips, tongue, and throat in order for her to mimic the functions and vibrations of different words. After numerous hours of working with Miss Fuller, Helen audibly pronounced her first sentence, "It is warm."

Another extremely difficult task for Helen to master was learning geometry and algebra. Helen mentions that she struggled to comprehend the mathematical symbols, signs, and functions presented in various problems and also could not grasp the angles and lengths of different geometric figures she was attempting to solve for. Helen also demonstrated her determination and courage during her prep school and college experience. She struggled to keep pace during the lectures and would have to rewrite all of her classroom notes at home. Her college workload was extensive and the exams were particularly difficult without the help of an interpreter. Overall, Helen displayed determination and persistence in virtually every aspect of life in regard to learning to communicate and successfully attaining a college education.

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I will provide some examples below of how Helen's determination and hard work allowed her to achieve many things in her life.

Helen did not learn to fully communicate until she was seven years old.  This only happened when Annie Sullivan came to be her teacher.  Despite this delay, Helen was a fast learner.  Once Helen first made the connection between the letters being spelled into her hands and the things around her, she made great strides in her learning.  She worked very hard and her determination helped her to even attend college.  

In college, Helen could not listen to the professors in order to take notes.  Instead, she needed someone to spell every word of the teacher's lecture into her hand.  Helen was able to follow along, but she could not take notes.  Despite this challenge and others, Helen still graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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