Compare Helen and Marius's differentiating views on spirituality. 

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Pastor Marius is a pastor in what would be considered the standard Judeo-Christian tradition.  For him, spirituality is centered on a belief that Christ died on the cross in order to take believers' sins upon himself.  Marius believes that it is by God's grace, through his faith, that he will attain eternal life.  A component of that spiritual walk is fellowship with other believers.  That's why church attendance is important to Marius.  The goal of the Christian life, for Marius, is spending eternity with Christ in heaven.  

Helen's spirituality differs greatly from Marius's spirituality.  For Helen, the goal of her faith is that it brings her spiritual comfort in her present life.  She is not focused on an afterlife.  She is focused on how her religion makes her feel within the present life.  Helen's artistic expressions allow her to attain higher levels of spiritual comfort, and her expressions mainly deal with an interplay of light and dark.  For Helen, a spiritual battle does exist, and its forces are lightness and darkness.  That is why the interior of her home is so well lit with candles and mirrors.  She is keeping the darkness at bay by lighting every last corner of her house.  That kind of work and expression brings her spiritual comfort, which is very different than Marius's religion.  Helen is focused on her own work and ability to fight evil. Marius's religion is focused on the work of Christ.  

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