Kurt Vonnegut

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In the role of Newt, write a letter to Dear Abbey explaining your dilemma prior to visiting Catharine. This is for the “Long Walk to Forever.” Follow the Dear Abby letter format: Introduce characters and main topic Summarize the problem End with a question Unusual, but symbolic, name

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This assignment will seem to force you to become the character of Newt and compose a letter about your predicament and choices.  I think that the first thing which needs to be done in such a task is to "see" yourself as the character.  Much in the way of first person and personalized pronoun will be needed in this.  Instead of saying, "Newt believes__________ because...," there has to be "I believe ________ because."  The difference is that you are the character and, accordingly, you will have to speak from his point of view.  This might include having to explain the choices made by the character, meaning you, and why you made them.  What dreams were you pursuing?  What was your motivation?  What were your emotional experiences when undertaking these choices?  I think that this is where the assignment is going to take you and where you might need to go with it.

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