Heathcliff ruins certain people's lives in the novel. How does he ruin Edgar's life? And Isabella's?

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In the novel "Wuthering Heights" Heathcliff has returned from being away and has managed to gain a fortune and achieve some degree of manners.  He is attractive and very manipulative.  He sets out to make life miserable for Hindley.  Once he has manipulated his way into Wuthering Heights he proceeds to abuse the drunkard Hindly and eventually gains control of his property.

Heathcliff next sets out to destroy Edgar Linton.  He tries at first to get Catherine away from him, but when she finds out that she is pregnant she stays.  He develops a plan to take what Edgar cherishes second most, his sister.  He begins to win her affections and goes to the Grange where she accepts him as her visitor.  Catherine tries to get her to understand that he is tricking her.  When Edgar tells her that she can not see Heathcliff, she elopes with him.  He abuses her thereafter and she has been disowned by her brother. 

Heathcliff and Isabella have a son.  He is a weak and sickly boy named Linton.  He takes him out of school and makes him live with him.  He treats him badly but he sets his sights on having him marry Edgar and Catherine's now grown daughter.  His true love died during her childbirth.  He tricks the girl into coming to his house while her father, Edgar is on his death bed.  He traps her and arranges for her to marry the sickly Linton.  They marry and when her father dies Linton has the family fortune.  Linton dies and because a girl can not inherit the estate, Heathcliff inherits everything.  He has stolen Edgar's child from him and his wealth.  He has destroyed Isabella's life and caused her son's early demise. 


And to think, we call this one of the greatest love strories of all time!

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