In "Heartburn" what is the theme of the story? How do the main characters relate to world through the food?

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The question itself is not a challenge, but rather linking the two elements will be.  I would say that the one of the themes of the story is self improvement.  The Eprhon character learns how to make her life better by taking the necessary steps to reevaluate what was done and do things differently and better next time around.  I think that given her profession of being a food critic, this is something that also necessitates appreciating what was done and then offering ways to make things different and better.  In recognizing that what might have been done in her own life needs to be redone and reconfigured, the same techniques that the protagonist applies to her world through food and food appreciation is what she has to apply to her own marriage in understanding where things needed to be done "differently and better."

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