Heart of Darkness Analyse modernist themes of fragmentation and isolation in Joseph Conrad's novella, 'Heart of Darkness'. Use a quotation, technique and explaination method.

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Would you like further explanation on the previous response or are you just displeased with "the breakdown of moral universals" as a form of modernist fragmentation? 

I'd be glad to help with more explanation if that is what you are looking for.

Finding passages relating to the concept of "moral isolation" and "individually constructed morality" should be relatively easy if you have a copy of the book. So, if the problem is textual examples, you should easily be able to solve the problem by picking through the book.

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The idea of morality as a concept without universal authority but as an individual construct is central to Heart of Darkness. The company has its moral code, Marlow has his, and Kurtz attempts to construct an ethical code that goes almost beyond morality. 

Morality as a construct instead of a universal edict relates directly to the notion of fragmentation and the idea that there are as many "realities" as there are people, each person presenting, creating, and relating to his/her own mental and emotional context.

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