In health care, is all treatment equal between genders?

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In health care, gender plays a role in whether treatment is equal or rather unequal.  Because research is skewed towards the male model as seen in the research into heart health especially heart attacks where the male symptoms have been the norm, the treatment is also skewed towards the male.  Breast cancer research had taken a back seat to cancer research which affected males until the open revolt by women demanding more research into a cancer which mostly affects women.  As men's Viagra treatments are covered by insurance and until very recently, women's birth control was not, the discrepancy was very visible.  The scrutiny of health care in the current political climate has helped equalize health care, but I believe still that it is skewed towards male disease and male treatment.  As more researchers and doctors are now women, I believe that will change especially if more women are on the boards of companies which allot grant money to research.

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