Is health and car insurance the same? If not, whats the difference?

gsenviro | Student

Health and Car insurance are different types of insurance. Health insurance covers the risks to the health of the policy holder, with certain restrictions. It is not mandatory and can be either provided by your employer or you can buy it for yourself (and family) or you can mix the two. The cost of health insurance depends on the coverage and also on your current health status. Health insurance is optional and has many options as compared to car insurance, in terms of disease covered, disability coverage, special conditions coverage, etc.

Car insurance or auto insurance is a mandatory requirement to enjoy the privileges of driving. It is bought by the person who wishes to drive and not by your employer (unless you are a professional car racing driver). The amount of insurance premium depends on the status of your vehicle (model, year, new/old, etc.) and your prior driving record, among other factors. Liability car insurance that protects the person who is in an accident due to your fault, is mandatory, while collision coverage is optional. 

iamkaori | Student

They are two very different insurances. Health insurances covers any fares paid for medical treatments. Car insurance covers any fees paid in case of any car damage or replacement in accidents. Health insurance helps pay for our health and well-being, while car insurance helps pay for our cars and their repair.

tnp1 | Student

They are two different things, health pays for your sickness and injuries. Car insurance pays for your car if it gets ran into.