Health and safety issues raised through consultation should be dealt with promptly. Why is this?

Health and safety issues raised through consultation should be dealt with promptly in order to keep clients and employees safe and to avoid the risk of any claims made against the owner of the business.

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Health and safety is not something that many people think of straight away when running a business. However, this is a very important issue, and it is definitely advisable for any business owner to conduct a health and safety consultation in order to ensure that there are no health- and safety-related concerns with regard to their business. In order to help you answer your question, it is important to point out that the owner of a business is responsible for the health and safety of their customers and employees when they are on the business's premises.

Therefore, it is really important to act as soon as possible upon any issues that were flagged up in a health and safety consultation in order to decrease the risk of injury or danger to employees and clients alike. For example, a health and safety consultation could flag up insufficient fire safety measures. In the event of a fire, this could not only cause serious damage to the property, but it could also pose significant danger and cause injury or even death. The business owner would then be responsible for this and could well be taken to court.

Another health and safety aspect that might be flagged up could be exposure to asbestos. Again, in order to keep their employees and clients safe, the business owner should ensure that this issue is dealt with immediately. Otherwise, they risk future claims by people who have suffered health issues as a result of their exposure to asbestos while being on the premises.

Lastly, you might want to mention that once a consultation has flagged up certain health and safety issues within a business, the owner cannot plead ignorance any longer, for they have been warned. Therefore, in the event of any negative consequences arising from this issue, not acting upon the warning raised by a health and safety consultation will very likely be seen as severe negligence.

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Health and safety protocols safeguard the business from lawsuits and hefty fines. Imagine a scenario whereby a health and safety consultant advises the management to add guardrails on high areas to prevent falls. If the business owner fails to implement such a measure and a worker accidentally falls and hurts themselves, they can sue the business for damages. Regardless of whether the claim is justified, legal battles are expensive for businesses.

A health and safety consultant will give guidelines and recommendations according to current laws and regulations. If the business doesn’t implement the safety guidelines within the recommended timeline, they can be fined by the local government for breaching regulations. That’s another cost that eats into the firm’s bottom line.

When workers fall or get into an accident at work, it lowers the firm’s productivity levels because they're unable to execute their duties. Every employee has a role to play in the organization. If one of them falls sick, some of the operations may be stalled. Therefore, businesses should deal with health and safety issues immediately to avoid service interruptions. There should always be a budget for implementing health and safety protocols. The business should also prioritize training workers on health and safety guidelines to minimize accidents in the workplace.

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