Having trouble memorizing dates.  Like I have to know when someone explored for like 15 people.  Whats some good ways to memorize this sort of thing?

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Memorizing a lot of information can definitely be hard, especially when it is a lot of dates! However, there are ways that can help with the memorization process.

First, flashcards are a great way to learn and memorize pieces of history. On one side of the flashcard write the event, or person, and on the other side write the date in which it occurred. Having more information about the person/event can definitely help, too.

Another way to help memorize dates is to color code your notes, or flashcards. History can piece together nicely and it helps to know various time periods. Maybe sixteenth century people and events can be highlighted in blue, for example.

In addition, having your notes and flashcards in order while memorizing events, places, and people will help tremendously. However, once you are ready, mix up the flashcards to challenge yourself.

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A great question!  Here are some strategies you might find very useful.  

First, use the ever popular flash card method.  Assign different colored cards for each of the 15 explorers.  Then, proceed by testing yourself, or better yet, have a friend from class help out (that way you both learn simultaneously).  It's a great memorization tool that calls upon color recognition and association when recalling important details such as dates and being able to mentally sort the various explorers to their matching data.  Later, you will see that you automatically are able to recall information that was once overwhelming.  Things become easier to process, remember, and understand (regurgitate) when the mind is able to place information into figura slots so to speak.

Other students have success by writing information down such as in definition style!  Not the most fascinating, but it still works for many learners.

Another great strategy is to create a rhyme or story/song using each explorer as a different poem, song, or rap.  This works really well if you double up, and use both the flash card method of colors too.  This will reinforce the information you need to memorize in a way that makes more sense than just random people and dates.  It creates meaning where there previously was none, especially if the subject matter isn't very interesting for you.  

Hope you find success using these tips!  Best of luck.

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