Identify specific examples about conditions that contributed to the continuation of poverty in lives of Kracha's family.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One specific example of conditions that contributed to the continuation of poverty in the lives of Kracha's family can be seen in their separation.  Kracha has to do what he has to in order to support a family that is back in the old country.  An example of this would be the letters he receives indicating that he has a son, and then letters that indicate his son's death.  The lack of affordable medical care or access to conditions of being where good health is evident is reflective of how Kracha's family endures the continuation of poverty.  As Kracha works, his family's poverty continues. 

Another example of this would be when the family priest advises that Kracha send for his wife.  The letter indicates that both mother in law and daughter in law "quarreled" over the money that Kracha sent.  If Kracha was able to send a great deal of money or an abundant amount, they would not be immersed in poverty.  They are in an impoverished condition that is continuing while Kracha works.  Due to this, one can see the poverty that envelops Kracha's family.