I haven't a clue of how to write a literature review. My topic is "Is the allocated scholarship enough for the students' welfare?"

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cbetances eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A literature review is an in-depth analysis and commentary on a piece of Literature (a book). From your topic, it sounds as if you are writing a persuasive essay.

To write a persuasive essay, you must first formulate an opinion on the topic. Do you think the scholarship is enough or not? Once you decide, your writing will become easier.

Next, You must write a Thesis statement, or a topic sentence that shows your reader what your essay will be about.

Finally, you must have SUPPORT for your thesis. Give examples and evidence that shows why you believe what you believe. Facts, statistics, stories; they can all be evidence.

Your essay should be a minimum of 4-5 healthy paragraphs with an introduction that includes your thesis statement and a strong conclusion. The middle paragraphs will support your thesis.


sanjiwan | Student

I agree with Cammy. Review is something else which you seem to be confused about .And from your very question, it seems more like you want an essay than review.If this is so, I wish to give you my own pieces of advice.

You might  have been to the court to hear the virdict , there you might have found the two advocates tuggling with one topic or one aspect of the virdict.You have to do the same:hear both the advocates-I mean the two sides,negetive and the positive aspect of your essay , and come up with your own sound and judicial decision about which one is correct.

Do this for all the points of your essay without fail and I hope your essay will be very fine.