Explain why the song, "Why This Kolaveri Di," has become so popular.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There might be a couple of reasons why the song is so popular.  One reason that did not inhibit its success is the song's genealogical roots. The singer and the writer of the song, Dhanush, is the husband of the director, Aishwarya Rajnikanth, daughter of esteemed Tamil actor Rajnikanth.  Dhanush's co- star in the film where the song is seen, 3, is Shruti Hassan, daughter of Kamal Hassan, also considered to be one of the most dominant South Indian actors in the last half century.  With a background like this, I think that the song had a good start in becoming so popular.  Another reason for its popularity would be that the song has both Tamil and English lyrics to it, connecting to the younger generation who enjoy speaking both.  This hybrid "Tanglish" is something that had existed in the realm of privacy and in private conversations.  In a way, the song brought this into the realm of the public, making it an instant success and contributing to its viral nature.  The subject matter of love failure and the idea of the pain in love is nothing new, but the manner in which it has become so publicly accepted is something new, again making public something that might have been seen as private.  This transubstantiation from one realm to another has to be seen as a reason as to why this song has become so popular.

rroocckkstar | Student

Everyone might have heard this song....The song "Why this kolaveri di?????" has become so popular because of its catchy music and lyrics. The singer, Dhanush has sung this song so well that everybody liked it especially the youth. He had used the singing style of tamil folk culture. so it is sung in Tanglish (tamil+english). This song is dedicated to all those who fall in love and then got dumped. After its release this song became viral on all the social networking sites for its catchy lyrics and music.....!! I also like this song!