have you ever wondered?Have you ever wondered what makes an author decide to write a story?

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have, especially since authors so often write from their own experiences--not always, but frequently. When I first read "The Scarlet Ibis," which is so poignant and powerful, I wondered if any of the events in the story were rooted in the author's past--in his own life or in the life of someone he had known. It's such a terribly sad story, I hope that it is completely a work of imagination.

lordokagi | Student

Their experiences.

dasnczeng | Student

If you want to read the overview and all those sections, go to this website. It has the same exact information:


dasnczeng | Student

i read sumthing that jean fritz wrote once she sed that a lot of people ask her how she finds her ideas. she sed that the ideas find her

jacobelicramer | Student
    • Yes, because author's don't always write about personal experiences. Sometimes they come from imagination, but how? From dreams? From another good book? This is what I wonder.
epollock | Student

Most stories either come from a writer's experience or their imagination. They then have an interesting framework in order to develop their ideas then fill in the blanks with their experience or imagination.

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