Have you ever experienced the idea of developing self-awareness? Please explain in as much detail you can. Thank you very much!

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm wondering if this question is one you are supposed to pose to others or one that you are supposed to answer yourself.

Everyone in the world has experienced the development of self-awareness.  It begins at early childhood.  Some of the first moments of self-awareness (funny as it may sound) are when a baby discovers his or her own hands and feet.  Gradually he begins to understand the world around him and to realize he is not alone.

Then, obviously, as we grow up, we only get better and better at learning about ourselves and how we interact with others.  One of the best ways to experience self-awareness is to make mistakes - especially mistakes that hurt someone else.  Everyone has done it and will do it again.  But in those moments of understanding how our actions negatively impacted someone else, I think, is when real maturity and self-awareness can develop.  Then, on the opposite side, times when we experience a real sense of accomplishment can have a similar effect.

Maybe for yourself, think of such times.