Have you ever experienced the idea of developing self-awareness?  Please exaplin in as much detail you can. Thank you very much!

Expert Answers
ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are all in the process of developing self-awareness.  It is a life long journey.  This is especially true because we go through so many changes during our lives that impact our development of self-awareness.  I am constantly asking myself why I feel a certain way or how I think I should feel.  I am always self assessing.  I will do this until I die and at that point I don't think I will be fully self-aware.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think you are asking if people can be aware of being self-aware. I think that would come under the heading of self-awareness too. You are aware that you are thinking and knowing more about yourself. I'm not sure most of us stop and think about it, but eventually we realize we have become more introspective.
rzvandy | Student

I think self-awareness comes easier to people who are more analytical of their actions and thoughts, as opposed to people who tend to go through life with their head in a bubble.
One thing that often helps me be self aware is when people respond to me in ways that I haven't intended, for example if I make a joke about someone and they end up being offended, it makes me stop and think about whether or not that joke was appropriate, if I crossed the line, if what I intended to get across came out differently - and throught this incidents I've also learnt a lot about the way people work as well as myself, which I believe has helped me be able to communicate and interact better with a wider variety of people.

kc4u | Student

You can not experience an idea. An experience may pave the way for an idea, or you may have an idea to verify by your experience.

Self-awareness is a long, continual process. Always try to question yourself and see if your action, behaviour, words are justified. Be thoughtful, introspective, meditative, and self-critical. To know one's own self is always a very difficult task.

What I experience in my daily activities is a question of knowing myself, whether what I do and say are to the best of my belief, whether I act in good faith. There is no easy resolution; one can go on relating oneself positively to the world without. Self-awareness boosts self-confidence, and adds dignity to one's personality.