Othello Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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I have to write three paragraph personal response about one of the character from Othello.I choose Iago. I choose Iago and his first impression  om me is devil in disguise of friend.I have to justifying and explaning my first impression I must refer to the play apecificaly a quetation must be provided and probably cited to be assassed.

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I think that you have chosen a real interesting character.  Iago is one of the most complex of Shakespearean characters.  In terms of textual support, you might want to reference some of his internal thoughts and how he motivates Othello to do what he wants him to do.  On a more personal note, I think that Iago speaks to the idea of individuals who are duplicitous, speaking one way but with motivations that lie in another direction.  The personalized response nature of the task might allow you to be able to reflect on your own experience if you have witnessed anyone like this.  Finally, I think being able to discuss how individuals deal with frustration and resentment might be an interesting personalized response.  Iago is passed over for Cassio.  The traditional approach is to apply some type of cliche ("My time will come" or "I just have to work harder.")  Iago doesn't accept these at all and works towards an end of ensuring all suffer because of his perceived injustice.  Again, discussing your own perceptions of individuals who have been "passed over" or those who have felt slighted might be appropriate here.

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