I have to write a story about Beauty and the Beast but from the beasts perspective and the 'Beauty' has to be an evil women- can I have some ideas please?

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This is certainly an interesting topic.  When writing stories, sometimes it is helpful to brainstorm by using a web or just make a list of things that come to mind. For example, start by writing down "evil woman"; some items on that list might be grouchy, sad, viscious, ugly inside, makes rude comments, hurts other people's feelings, needs love...

Then, brainstorm how the Beast would have to act in order to soften her up. (He may learn something in the process about himself, too). Some things that might help to soften an evil woman up would be to show her kindness that she doesn't expect. For instance, the beast might make her breakfast, shine her shoes, or still be nice to her after she says something horrible to him.

Remember, too, that a story needs an exposition, plot, conflict, climax and resolution in order to be complete. Map out each scene carefully in each section to fulfill the requirements. Good luck!

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