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i have to write a speech on space race .i need help with the outline the speech.

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The Space Race entails a time when the United States and the former Soviet Union (commonly referred to as the USSR) were competing over who would conquer first the ultimate task of reaching the outer space for exploration. 

Your speech has to follow a format depending on what it is intended to do. 

  • inform
  • entertain
  • persuade
  • instruct

If you are going to make a speech that informs people on what is the Space Race, then here are some suggestions.

  1. Start with an opening statement that catches the audience's attention. You may use a quotation that you later will tie-in to the body of the speech, or an interesting fact about the Space Race that you will equally tie-in at some point. Some students like to start with a question such as: "Who was first?" or "So, who won the Space Race?" as starting points.
  2. Your introductory paragraph MUST point out what you will be focusing on in your speech. The after the introductory sentence, write the MAIN IDEA of your speech: the Space Race was a time when...

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