I have to write a short story in "Bradbury" style, what are some styles he uses?

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Ray Bradbury is an important author in science fiction. According to the eNotes site, he was

one of the first authors to employ a cerebral, elevated writing style—rather than the more common sensational style.

When writing with a cerebral style, one writes from an intellectual point-of-view and not one from an emotional point-of-view. An elevated writing style means that the language is formal and dignified.

In Bradbury's writings, setting is very important. The use of vivid descriptions is of the utmost importance given his tendencies to create fantastical and supernatural tales. Bradbury is sure to include human values, given their importance as well.

Therefore, to write using "Bradbury" style, one would need to include very descriptive language when describing settings and surroundings. On top of that, one would need to be sure to use formal language and stay away from the use of slang. Given that he included human values in his texts, one would need to focus on some, or many, aspects of the human being regarding their value system and justifications for those values.