I have to write a short story based on the "Beauty and the Beast" that should be written from one character's perspective.

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This is a great assignment and one that I use myself and give to my students when we look at points of view and narration. The thing you need to focus on is how telling this story from one character's point of view will change the tale and also how it can actually add to our understanding. Thus, for example, telling the story from the Beast's point of view will let us in to his feelings and thoughts and perhaps his anger and pent up frustration at being caged in his monstrous form. It would be interesting to gain an insight and sympathy into his character if you wanted to choose the beast. You could also narrate what had actually happened when he was a Prince and his regret and remorse at his actions.

Likewise you can talk about the Beast's impressions when he first meets Beauty and his hopes and dreams that he is unable to reveal to her. Your task will be to try and get inside the Beast's character and reveal his thoughts, motives and feelings to the audience. Good luck, and I hope I have given you a few ideas!

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