I have to write a paragraph saying, "The negative and positives about Baba and Amir are actually very similar."  Any ideas/ quotes?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One important way that Baba and Amir are alike is both keep an important secret that could have changed the lives of the people around them.  Baba hides the fact that Hassan is his son and that Hassan and Amir are half brothers.  He tells Amir several times that he "Shames" him.  Yet Baba is living his own life of shame.  Amir has the secret of knowing what happened to Hassan and his guilt of silence ruins his friendship with Hassan.  He is so guilty that he traps Hassan in a lie and this causes Hassan and his family to leave the employ of Baba.

Although Baba will stand up and fight for his beliefs, even to the death if necessary, Amir is a peaceful and non-violent person. Amir doesn't fight for anything, not even to save Hassan, but in the end he does fight to save Sohrab. 

Even with all their differences Baba and Amir share their belief in their cultural values.  Amir loves his father, and in his own way Baba loves his son.  Amir cares for his father when he is ill and goes to his father for his help in securing Soraya's hand in marriage.  The two, father and son, depend very heavily on their traditions and values.  In the end we see that Amir is more like Baba than even he realized.

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