I have to write a paper on Romeo and Juliet. Where do I start? I have never seen nor read about it.

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If you need to write a school paper about the play, then you really need to read it. It is a fantastic play with many themes that lend themselves to analysis for a school paper. To acquire the text, you can find it in any public library, or online. Free editions of this play are everywhere online because it is outside of copyright laws. I got my copy off the Kindle store, but Gutenberg.org is also a good website for free classic texts. You can also check out an audio version from the library and use that as a text. I would suggest having a physical copy to follow along with as you listen. Some themes worth paying attention to for your writing topics would be the question of love vs. lust. Romeo moves very quickly from Rosaline to Juliet. How does youth play a catalyst role for the action of the play. Look at images of light and dark and analyze how they are used.

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You really should invest the time into watching a film adaptation or listen to an audio book version of the play.  I would recommend the Franco Zeffirelli directed film or the BBC television version.  Both of them follow the full text unlike the Baz Luhrman film with Leonardo Dicaprio which makes some serious cuts.  Or read the "Shakespeare Made Easy" version of the play with a paraphrased version on the right  page.

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My first suggestion is that if you have not read it then to start there, you will not be able  to effectively write a paper without having read the story. It is a very popular classic and you can get on-line and get it from just about anywhere without having to pay for it. Anywhere you can download e-books for instance typically have these classics for free.

I have provided the link for the eNotes.com where there is an abundant amount of information on the story. Specifically, once you have read the story look at the themes page and this will be helpful getting an understanding of some of the themes, will will help you write a paper!