Discuss a thesis statement of the connected nature of Joel and Clementine's destinies in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Like everything else in the Brion film, this is going to be challenging.  I think that one particular topic of a thesis statement could center on how the film might suggest that there is a configuration larger than that of individual free will and choice.  It is individual choice and free will through which both Joel and Clementine purge themselves of their memories.  They choose to do this, and accept, as a consequence, the death of their relationship.  Yet, somehow, they still wind up being together.  It is for this reason that they both come to terms at the end that while their relationship might die again, it is something that both are willing to risk for there is something larger than themselves at work in this setting.  I think that exploring this idea can lead to a thesis statement about how their destines are interlinked and connected to one another.  I think that another potential area for a thesis statement is to examine how individual action is only isolated, made in a particular context.  Individuals are left to not understand that choices they cannot see or envision.  Joel and Clementine are not aware of the larger configuration, Mary's letter to both of them and the fact that they both knew one another earlier on, that is in front of them.  In this, their destines are connected because they fail to fully understand the small part they both play in articulating who they are and what will happen to them.

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