I have to write one page on Dash Benhur, the author of ''The Tribute''. Can anyone help?  

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First, I would start by looking for information under his real name, Sj. Jitendra Narayan Dash. This is the name that he uses for his scholarly writing. His literary works are published as Dash Benhur. There is very little information about him, but as this is a short paper you would do well to give a small bit of biographical information and then focus on his presences as an Indian writer, what his cultural heritage has to do with his writing. Perhaps focus on how his culture is reflected in "The Tribute" as a way to give your paper some substance.


I have included for you a link to a cite that offers some excellent questions to start you thinking about the story itself and the social and personal issues it engenders. Perhaps you will find one of these questions useful as a possible thesis/starting point for your paper!

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