I have to write a newspaper article and don't really know much about this fairy tale. What are the imporant incidents that happen in the story to write about?

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A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's most famous comedies. It contains one of Shakespeare's iconic themes of mistaken identity to help drive the complex comedic plot forward. There is a community of fairies and a community of humans, and their worlds come together on one fateful night. There are several sets of lovers, fairy and human. The main fairy characters include Puck (aka Robin Goodfellow) and Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Puck plays a trick on Titania at the urging of her husband, and sprinkles fairy dust on her eyes to make her fall in love with the next creature she sees; this creature turns out to be Bottom, a hapless man who is transformed into an ass just before Titania sees him. There is also a weddind of of multiple couples, and the song we all know as the classic wedding march was composed originally for a performance of this play.

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