I have to write a literary analysis paper from feminist perspective on Hills Like White Elephants.  I am having trouble with writing this.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are different elements to take on this.  Much of this is going to depend on what approach you are going to take in the paper.  I think that focusing on Jig and how she can represent a feminist character might be something to pursue.  Jig represents the ideas of feminism in that she articulates what is a woman's condition to a man who represents a form of the patriarchy.  She does not remain in silence.  Rather, she speaks her mind, articulating a condition that she, and other women, endure.  At the same time, she seeks to establish some level of power in a relationship that is naturally tilted towards the male side of power.  Another approach to take is to examine how Jig is a feminist character at the end of the story. How does she represent feminism at the end of the narrative?  Where is the articulation of voice evident and where is it absent?  I think that exploring this dimension might also help to develop a feminist point of view on the story.  Finally, I would spend some time exploring where the man is in this particular configuration.  Once the story ends, how will power be reestablished in the relationship?  I think that exploring this would be a good approach in any study of feminism in the short story.

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