What should I include in an essay supporting either Andrew Jackson or John Quincy Adams in the election of 1828?  

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There are several key points that you should mention in your essay whether you support Jackson or Adams.

Include background regarding the state of American politics in 1828. Since more and more states were granting landless white males the vote, it allowed Jackson to gain significant national support and become a major contender. Also make sure to include where both men got most of their support from, Jackson from southerners, western settlers and poorer whites while Adams garnered the hearts of northerns, bankers and merchants. 

Mention how vile the campaign was itself. Both sides engadged in mudslinging and used negative campaigne tactics. Adam's side was especially vicious when they attacked Jackson's wife in the press causing so much stress that the woman actually died!

If supporting Adams, mention the events at Jackson's Inaugural when the crowd rushed in and destroyed the place, which most conservatives saw as ominous.

If supporting Jackson, mention his victory as a victory for the common man over moneied interests and corrupt Republican politics.


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