I have to write a descriptive essay for my college English prep class and I am having trouble thinking of what to write in my thesis statement. I am doing my essay on a high school regional volleyball game. If you could please help me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Did you go to the game?  This kind of thing would be much easier if you actually did some research about the game, then went to the game.  Bring a notebook with you and take notes while you watch.  You can incorporate these into your essay.

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I agree with #3 on this one. The best bit of advice for you to follow is to read other sports articles from newspapers or journals and to try and identify what makes these articles effective or noteworthy. You will want to consider some of the following points: use of adjectives, the author's bias (if any) and how this is revealed, how tension is maintained in the article (if at all) and how the article appeals to the emotions of the reader. That should give you some pointers to look for. Good luck!

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One thing I would do if I were writing about a sporting event would be get a local newspaper, or get online and read some actual stories on prep sports.  You can get a feel for how descriptive essays on sports are written. 

Another suggestion is to make sure you have a strong introduction.  Several supporting paragraphs and a strong conclusion.  Use vivid adjectives to describe the tournament and the individual games.

If you are describing one specific game you might say something like:

"Tigers stomp the Rams on the way to our exciting regional finals.  The match was intense and suspensful right up to the last set of the match.  The teams were tied at one set each and the final set was tied.  As John stepped up to the service line the noise from the fans was defening....."

You need to be sure to tell all the who, what, where, when, and how's in your essay and you need to make the game come alive in your story.  There are some discriptive links below.


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Why do you not read some sports articles from major papers?  You can access them on the internet.  Look closely at the lead lines under the headline.  These are the ideas that "hook" the reader into continuing the article. 

Perhaps you want to give some background on the rivalry that has existed between the two teams in this regional volleyball game.  Then, too, there may be one player who has scouts watching this game, so she/he hopes for a scholarship to ----.  Put yourself as an observer at this match and recreate all that you see.

Check out the site below which gives you some how-tos.

Best wishes.

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