I have to write a comparative essay on the two movies Monsoon wedding and Revolutionary Road on the question Should people get married? I need 3 points to discuss and explain

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I think that you might have a challenging time in trying to compare the institution of marriage in both films.  They seem to be going in opposite directions.  At each start, the vision of marriage is highly divergent from what will be present at the end of the film.  In "Revolutionary Road," Frank and April give the impression of being happy and content in their state of being in the world.  In "Monsoon Wedding" the bride to be, Aditi, is completely miserable with her impending marriage.  Over the course of both films, we begin to see how the notion of marriage transforms.  Whereas Frank and Abigail end up being crushed to a certain extent by their illusory notion of happiness and the pursuit of dreams that will conceal the emptiness that is present in their marriage, Aditi and her intended have to endure awkward tradition after awkward tradition in order to fulfill the expectations placed on both of them.  It is only after both Aditi and her intended to be speak openly about what is in their hearts does any hope for their marriage emerge.  Frank and Abigail through both design and awful circumstances fail to experience this very same moment of relationship epiphany.  In the end, both marriages wind up in very different paths from one another and from where they started.

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