Can I get some help with an outline or website for an essay on who is the real monster--Victor or the creature?Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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One of the main themes in Gothic literature (which is how Frankenstein is classified) is that of the dual nature of human beings: that we all have a "dark" side to our natures. This is obvious in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and also to some extent in Dracula, with a vampire who is charismatic and attractive but who is also a killer. In Frankenstein, the idea that the "monster" created by Victor is possible less evil (less "monstrous") than Victor himself is a provocative question to explore. The monster resents Victor for giving him such intelligence and complexity of emotion while cursing his existence with frightening ugliness. Victor's creation such a being, who is doomed to a life of suffering, in order to simply gratify his own ego, could be interpreted as a monstrous act.


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