I have to write an essay on one of the main themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. Is this a good opening sentence, or should I reword it? Although the themes of murder, education, and family values are also evident in To Kill a Mickingbird, the main theme is that of moral nature and the wrongful judging of one who has done no wrong.

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I found a sentence very similar to this on another website. If you are the one who posted it, that's fine. Or, perhaps a student saw YOUR post and used YOUR words. That is also fine. However, if the wording of this sentence came from anywhere but your own brain then you must cite it (give the other person credit). Otherwise, it is considered plagiarism (which is illegal). So, if this sentence is your own then I say it is a good thesis statement and could be used as a transition between the end of your introduction and the beginning of your body (not as your opening statement), as long as you plan on briefly discussing murder, education, and family before you focus on moral nature. Otherwise, leave those details out of the thesis statement. I hope this was helpful and good luck!

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