I have to write an essay between 100-150 words about..mentally challenged person..and i have to be a part of the characteries in this short story..please help me how can i begin writing this?! it...

I have to write an essay between 100-150 words about..

mentally challenged person..and i have to be a part of the characteries in this short story..please help me how can i begin writing this?! it has to be as personal for example that i am one of the family members of this person..just help me how to write!!

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the most needed elements in this particular writing sample would be empathy.  I think you will need to expand your scope of compassion and point of view in order to analyze and reflect on what it would be like to have a sibling with special needs.  There are some specific questions which could start as good writing beginnings.  What would your daily life be like?  What your your sibling's daily life be like?  How do you think your parents would act?  What would the family dynamics be like?  How would having a special needs sibling impact how your family sees one another and sees themselves?  In the final analysis, the writing of this personalized task will require you to address questions such as these.

nusratfarah | Student

Don’t get so worried… It’s not that difficult. But please, remember it is strictly forbidden by the enotes authorities to write an essay for anybody. But hints as points can be given.


First, think deeply what type of essay you are going to write, obviously an autobiographical one. Isn’t it? So, it must be as subjective as possible. But at the same time, remember that you are not the protagonist. The character who would be the mentally challenged person would be your focal point. But you have to be the mouthpiece since it’s you through whom the narrative would be depicted, the philosophies and opinions would be given. So, be sure that the narrative perspective does become limited in the sense that you have to write the essay like a story where the narrative is first person point of view, still you should foreground that mentally challenged person to make this short essay a brilliant narrative.

Brainstorm or jot down the ideas instantly which come across your mind regarding this topic. If you do think yourself as a relation of that person, it is in fact very good. Then, imagine what sort of life these people could lead, how they are treated actually even in the family, through what mental situation their family members go and so on. Then, think clearly which position you want to take: for or against. This means whether you would make yourself a positive character, caring and understanding one, or a negative character, inconsiderate and careless one. Being which type of character you want to deal with your plot, you have to decide. Your position would help vary the reader’s perception. But your central aim should be to highlight the mentally challenged people's lifestyle, and hindrances they face through your subjective experiential narrative. And the more you would create dramatic pathos and make the readers feel your write-up experiencing the probability as if they were also parts of your narrative, the more you would be able to attract them. Now, you can write your essay.

Don’t forget to divide it into introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion. You can begin with a surprising sentence or anecdote.


Clarity and creativity are the key factors which would help to make this type of essay stunning.