I have to write a comparison essay based on Lord of the Flies and Julius Caesar.Based on the characters of Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy and Ceaser, Antony, Cassius, Brutus, tt must be for one of the...

I have to write a comparison essay based on Lord of the Flies and Julius Caesar.

Based on the characters of Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy and Ceaser, Antony, Cassius, Brutus, tt must be for one of the following topics: that leaders put first things first OR that leaders are examples for their followers.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to write a comparison essay, make a matrix grid chart of the characters you want to compare. For instance, you can list the Lord of the Flies characters down the left hand side of a grid chart (e.g., four grid squares down and four grid squares across), then list the Julius Caesar characters across the top of the grid. Be sure correspond the characters you want to compare so they are in the same rank position. To illustrate, if you are comparing Ralph to Caesar, put Ralph by grid square # 1 down and Caesar above grid square # 1 across. If you are comparing Jack to Antony, put Jack by grid square # 2 down and Antony above grid square # 2 across. Follow this pattern for the others you are comparing.

When your comparison matrix grid chart is set up, list the ways the corresponding pairs of characters (e.g., Ralph and Caesar) are alike and the ways they are different in terms of their leadership qualities (for whichever topic you choose). When your comparison chart is filled out and you have written down how each pair of characters are alike and different in leadership, you can begin composing your essay.


First write an Introduction that tells the titles and authors along with the characters you are comparing and your comparison topic. After that, you can write a paragraph or two to discuss how each pair of characters compares. The length and number of paragraphs, of course, depends on the requirements of your assignment. You also might add how each character shows his traits in the story or how the traits are important to the story, again, depending on your assignment. Be sure to end with a Conclusion that states how your comparisons turned out (e.g., none of the characters are examples at all...or...all the character pairs share the same major leadership traits...or...etc...) and say why you think it is meaningful to have compared them.

[Below are reliable links to examples of matrix grid charts that you might want to use.]

teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you have to discuss several characters from both texts under one of these topics, you should first choose a topic and then make yourself a chart to note how each character falls under that topic.  For example, if you choose leaders as examples for their followers, you should note the leadership qualities of each of the eight characters and then note how these leaders persuade people to follow them.  Ralph becomes the leader of the boys' group on the island because he is charismatic, fair, and ultimately the symbol of goodness to the other boys.  They are keen to follow his example and proceed to construct a type of civilization on the island.

In Julius Caesar, Marc Antony is able to persuade the crowd through his emotional speech in which he attempts to unite everyone under the banner of the common good.  Through his eloquence, Antony is able to convince the crowd to take revenge against the conspirators in Rome.

So, after you have made this list for all the characters, you can compare the roles that they all serve as leaders.  What common traits do they all possess?

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