In The Kite Runner, what is the significance of Amir's dream and his realization after the dream? I still have no ideas for my 3 body paragraphs. Can someone help me out?

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As Amir is recovering in the hospital from his brutal fight with Assef, he dreams that Baba is wrestling a black bear. Amir recalls that Baba is young and strong in his dream and furiously fights with the bear as they roll on the ground. Amir sees "spittle and blood fly" during the fight, and suddenly, Baba overpowers the bear and sits on its chest. Amir then recalls seeing Baba look up at him, and Amir discovers that he is Baba. In Amir's dream, he is the person who defeated the bear.

Amir's dream symbolically represents his fight with Assef and his victory over his personal demons, which have haunted him since childhood. The blood and spittle flying during the fight correspond to his physical altercation with Assef, which almost kills Amir and results in him needing...

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