What is a biography of Elizabeth Bishop?

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Elizabeth Bishop was a poet. She was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1911.  Her father died when she was a child and her mother was emotionally unwell.  She had a childhood where she lived with different relatives.  As a young woman she attended college and graduated from Vassar.  She traveled for a while in Europe and as an adult lived in Key West, Florida.  She lived in South America for several years with  Lota de Macedo Soares.  She and Lota had several happy years together, but eventually that on and off relationship fell apart and she permanently moved back to the United States.  She taught at the university level and wrote several volumes of poetry over the years.  She won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for "Poems: North & South—A Cold Spring."

There is a great deal of information about Ms. Bishop at Enotes.  I have listed several links below.