I have to write about an elderly person whom I know.  I want to write about my grandmother, but I don't have a good thesis statement.  Can you help me with that?

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The secret of a good thesis statement is to word your major attitude, approach, or point of view on the subject at hand clearly, in preparation to illustrate, defend, or document your attitude.  In this assignment, avoid argument, taking a side, or defending a controversial point of view; more fruitful would be a statement regarding your personal relationship with her, rather than a statement about old age in general or an attitude toward Alzheimer’s and the like. Your thesis statement might begin a discussion of how she fit into your life and/or you into hers. Example: “Whenever I remember my grandmother, I think of how we shared the grief of losing my father in World War II.” Another example: “Because she was so young when she had my mother, my grandma can identify with and advise me as I grow though my college years.” Your own thesis statement, then, should begin you description of your connection with her, whether strong or fragile.

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