"Do you feel that there is a lack of consideration/kindness/tolerance in today's world? Explain your answer. If you guys could give me any helpful hints on where to start or ideas for this essay...

"Do you feel that there is a lack of consideration/kindness/tolerance in today's world? Explain your answer.

If you guys could give me any helpful hints on where to start or ideas for this essay that would be greatly appreciated.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two main things that I would suggest that you should do with this essay.  First, I think that you should think about the different terms (consideration/kindness/tolerance) separately.  Second, I think that you should discuss the factors that (in your mind) cause there to be more or less of these things in our world today.  I would argue that consideration and kindness are very different things than tolerance.  I would try to make the case that we have more tolerance today, and less consideration and kindness.  I would then try to explain why this is.

Tolerance is something that is relatively impersonal.  It is sort of a “live and let live” attitude.  I would argue that this is increasing in our (American) society today.  In today’s world, we are much more likely to accept the idea that other people are different from us.  If people want to wear unconventional clothes or unconventional hairstyles, we generally accept it.  If a man wants to stay at home and be the primary care giver for his child, we generally accept that.  We are more likely to accept the idea of people of other races or religions working with us.  We are more tolerant of gay people.  I would argue that this comes from two sources.  First, we don’t have such tight communities any more.  We don’t expect to live among people who are just like us and who conform to our beliefs and values.  In past decades, I think there were stronger social ties among Americans.  With those ties came more efforts at social control and less tolerance.  Second, the Civil Rights Movement started us towards a greater understanding of the need to tolerate minority groups of different kinds.

By contrast, I would argue that consideration and kindness are personal things.  These have to do with how we treat specific individuals whom we meet on a day to day basis.  I think we can argue that we are not as likely to be kind and considerate as we once were.  People talk loudly on cell phones in public places.  They use bad language in public.  They are less likely to treat older people with respect.  (Of course, all of this is just impressionistic and there is no real way to measure the amount of consideration and kindness that is shown. 

If this is true, I would say that it is largely because of the breakdown in social ties that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Our neighbors and the people we meet are no longer important people in our lives.  We have fewer ties with them and are less likely to “need” them.  It does not matter to us if they think badly of us.  Therefore, we do not care so much about how we treat them.  This may also come about because of technology.  Our devices make people who are not with us (people we are talking to or texting, for example) more important to us than the people who are actually near us.  Finally, I think that our world is more competitive now.  With our economy as it is, we are less confident in our security and we are more likely to see others as threats to us.  As a result, we are more self-centered.  This ends up making us less considerate.

I would, then, try to separate consideration and kindness from tolerance.  I would also try to account for the changes in each.  This should get you to 750 words.

laurto | Student

You definitely define consideration, kindness, and tolerance in your essay. 

It's important to use examples that are relevant to what you are talking about! If you disagree write about the recent stories about generous tips left at restaurants/bars/etc.

If you agree write about bullying, racist hate groups (lately there's been a lot with the Jewish community, I'm sure you'll find something on any news website).

I hope this helped!

suvleena | Student

The above commenters have really gone into detail about the ideas of the essay.  I will give some advice more about the general way you would want to approach this sort of essay or any essay in general.  

This essay is in sense a compare and contrast essay, though it seems to be much more about the differences.  You compare the past and present and show how things have changed, or stayed the same (though this is probably going to be a very small part of your particular essay) over time.

It is also a persuasive essay.  You will choose a side about whether generosity, tolerance, and consideration have increased or decreased.  Discuss only one side.  I would also ask your teacher about whether you are to pick one to discuss or have to discuss all of them (Most likely, you will discuss all three).  It is also possible that you need to say that all of them increased/decreased, rather than saying whether each individual one increased or decreased.  If this is the case, still discuss each topic separately so you can more fully develop your essay.

Here are some writing tips:

1. Brainstorm ideas

Think of things for both sides.  Just keep on writing ideas.  You can filter, chose sides, and develop ideas more full later.  Write down things on your mind.  Something to help organize ideas is to split the paper between the two sides

2. Choose a side.

Now, look through what you have for each side and decide which has more points, stronger points that can be developed more, and a stronger overall arguement.  Pick your side based on which one you can write better, not which one you actually believe, though these two are often he same thing.

3. Think of more ideas

Brainstorm more ideas for what you will say.  Begin to develop the ideas further and add possible points of analysis.

4. Shape ideas

Put your ideas into paragraph outlines.  Make them more detailed.  Here is general way you could set up your paper:




-compare past and present point by point and discuss what the evidence means (do not discuss past and present separately because this is parallel construction and is frowned upon) Write your points and pieces of evidence here in general, single word or phrase, form.


Consideration (same set up as tolerance)

Generosity (same set up)


There are many different ways you could do this paper.  This is only one of them.  Try to think of different ways and choose one you really like.

5. Write the paper

6. Edit, take out, add content

7. Finalize

8. Bask in the glory of your accomplishment  and go start on the ten other papers  you probably have to write right now.

amysor | Student

pohnpei397 did a great job explaining details! To add to that, you could start off by defining what each word means. (Consideration is ..definition.., etc.). Each word could be an body paragraph. You have to state if agree or disagree with the question. Write a thesis, and you essay should flow smoothly. For each word, a good idea would be to include a connection realting to your views and what the word means to you. Best of luck on your essay!