I have to write a 7-page essay paper and I want to focus in the kind of nightmarish quality of Nerval's work in Aurelia, I want to explore the uncanny of this dream state of mind in which he created this and perhaps make a comparison with other works, but I need help writing the thesis and looking texts regarding this topic. Any suggestions?

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Gérard de Nerval’s multifaceted exploration of the unconscious, including his studies of mysticism, alchemy, Cabala, and theosophy (among others) have earned comparisons with a wide variety of writers with related interests in mental and metaphysical states. These include Charles Baudelaire; the Symbolists, including Stéphane Mallarmé and Arthur Rimbaud; and Edgar Allan Poe. Twentieth-century figures who cite his direct influence include the artist Joseph Cornell and Surrealist André Breton.

While Aurelia was long evaluated as autobiography, later interpretations pay more attention to its experimental literary qualities and to the construction of a narrator who the author has deliberately constructed as an alternate persona. Jungian theory is gaining more attention in regard to Nerval’s use in Aurelia of archetypes of collective unconscious, such as magna mater, the great mother, and the alternating symbols of fury and temptation (see Sadowsky 1993).

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