I have to write 3 page essay on alcohol. I'm having trouble finding what I should write about, so can you help me with what i should include in my essay? The essay im doing about health is about alcohol, which I have trouble finding what I should write about, and I need topics on alcohol. Can you give me as much as you can about what I should include? And please reply as a fast as you can.

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First of all, I think you would simplify your problem if you changed the topic from "Alcohol," which is very broad and general, to "Dangers of Drinking," which presumably is what your essay is supposed to be about. I checked Google very briefly under the subject of "Dangers of Drinking" and saw that there were plenty of entries. The very first or second one is a full outline of the dangers of drinking put out by the Sacramento County (California) Sheriff's Department, and it covers all the possible dangers in outline form. Since you only have to write three pages and are pressed for time, I should think you could get the kinds of tips you're looking for from public information flyers such as this and others. Naturally you should present the facts in essay form and use your own words. But there would be nothing wrong with using the information published by authorities, and you could refer explicitly to the sources from which you derive your facts. If you have anything of a personal nature to contribute, you should do so. I am thinking of family problems caused by drinking and deaths in auto accidents due to intoxication.

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