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If I have a website for my business, but don't know how I can track the effectiveness of search engine optimization, what should I do? What technics should I use?   I need a good explanation for my online marketing plan.

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What an important question is our digital age. There are several things that you can do to track the effectiveness of search engine optimization. Here are several points to consider.

First, you should study how search engines, like google work, so that you can know about their algorithm and create a website that is optimal. For instance, building links to other website and having other sites build links to yours can help.

Second, if you want to track progress, you can use any number of analytic tools, such as google analytics. If you have this installed, it will tell you things like: how many hits you are getting, how long people are staying on your website, how many unique users you have, and you can break this information down by time, day, month and so forth. When you begin to analyze this data, it will give you insights about your website and its effectiveness.

Finally, I would experiment with the layout of the website and key words. Once you make the changes, analyze the changes through google analytics or the like. Good luck.

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