I need to draw a poster based on the setting of The Giver. What do you think "Elsewhere" looks like?

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Hi!  "Elsewhere" depends on you, and the book's character.  What mood is the character in when he/she speaks or thinks of "elsewhere"?  If it's a place to escape the pain and suffering of his/her own reality, then it would be a peaceful place where there is no pain or evil.  Think of it in terms of the needs of the character and why an "elsewhere" is necessary.  With that info, you can select photos from magazines to create a collage, draw the interpretation yourself if you're artistically able, or use computer-assisted clip art or drawing techniques to create what "elswhere" means to both the character in the novel and you, the reader whose job is to interpret the meaning in "elsewhere" for yourself.  Good Luck!

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Well, I think that the landscape around them becoming bumpy and irregular, sounds a little like mountain foothills, especially with the waterfalls and wildlife. Jonas thinks it is beautiful.  There is snow and steep hills and a snow-covered summit of the hill, and at the bottom they find warm, twinkling lights that glow from the windows of houses. Jonas feels certain that the families in the houses wait for Gabe and him with love. It seems as though they have found a place that holds on to the traditions that existed before Sameness, where they will be welcomed and loved. To me it sounds like a scene from a Christmas card; it sounds like a really hopeful ending to the story.  Brenda

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