I have a transcript of an audio recording of an interview with W. E. B. Dubois.  What would be the appropriate footnote citation format in the Harbrace footnote style?

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The latest edition of Harbrace Essentials, by Cheryl Glenn and Loretta Gray, provides guidelines for four different methods of citing sources; Modern Language Association style; Chicago Manual of Style; American Psychological Association style; and Council of Science Editors style.

Most teachers would agree with the following statement:

There is no single, "right" way to cite a source; there are various ways required in different circumstances and by different teachers, and it is important to follow your teacher's precise directions.  -- Robert C. Evans   :-)

If you are writing your paper for an English class, the preferred choice is probably the Modern Language Association style.  If you are writing your paper for a history class, the preferred choice is probably the Chicago Manual of Style.  You may want to ask your teacher which of these two styles of documentation s/he prefers.

For examples of how to cite interviews using the MLA and CMS methods, see the links below.