My Brother Sam Is Dead

by Christopher Collier, James L. Collier

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I have a test on chapter four. Can you summarize chapter four to help me study for the test?

Expert Answers

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Tim has been waiting for months to see Sam. Chapter 3 ends with Betsy giving Tim a signal that lets him know Sam has covertly returned for a brief visit. Chapter 4 begins with Tim being super excited to see his brother. The catch is that he has to sneak out of the tavern and all of his duties without letting his family know what is going on. While he is trying to figure out his plans, a group of Patriot soldiers shows up and begins harassing his parents. They want Mr. Meeker's gun. Tim decides to run for the Warrups's house, because this is where Sam is hiding, and Sam should be able to help his parents. All Sam has to do is bring the gun that the Patriots want. This will prove that Tim's dad no longer has the weapon. The problem is that Sam doesn't want to do that. He wasn't given permission to come into town to see Betsy. If he shows up at the tavern, he could be hanged for being a deserter. Sam also can't give the gun to Tim, because Sam can be hanged for "losing" his weapon. Tim finally convinces Sam to come back to the tavern. By the time they get there, the Patriot soldiers have left. Sam sees his father very briefly before turning and running back the way he came.

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