Have suggestions for great foreign movies?I subscribe to Netflix and watch a movie nearly every night. I am running out of titles. I like watching foreign flix on DVDs. Can anyone suggest titles of...

Have suggestions for great foreign movies?

I subscribe to Netflix and watch a movie nearly every night. I am running out of titles. I like watching foreign flix on DVDs. Can anyone suggest titles of good French, Italian, German, or other foreign films I might add to my Netflix queue?

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Definitely Das Boot with the English subtitles.  Fabulous WWII story which will make you feel claustrophobic, and the tension in the story is thick enough to cut.

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Easy: Amelie and Pan's Labyrinth, French and Spanish, respectively.  Amelie manages to be both naughty and very, very sweet, and Pan's Labyrinth is just gorgeous and bizarre in the best possible ways.

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You've got some really great suggestions so far. I would re-recommend Jules & Jim (French), Hiroshima mon Amour (French), and Ran (Japanese). I'd also recommend other films by these same directors, respectively Truffaut, Resnais, and Kurosowa. 

These films are some of the best ever made and they were made decades ago at this point (though Ran is one of the most brilliant color films in terms of its use and clarity of color that I have ever seen. No CGI, just great film technique and planning.) 

There are some really good movies being made in Europe now. I recently watched a German film called The Wave and thought it was nicely entertaining and throughtful. The Robber and Exam are another two contemporary foreign films to check out. 

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Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot (The Boat, 1981) is one of the finest German-language films made during the past half-century. It's a World War II flick about a German U-boat commander and the very realistic exploits he and his men encounter while searching for Allied ships to sink. Even the most patriotic American will be pulling for the German submariners in this one. Nominated for six Oscars--a rarity for foreign-language films. There are four or five versions available on DVD, including a nearly five hour mini-series/director's cut release. Considered one of Germany's greatest-ever (and most expensive) films. Be sure to watch the version with English subtitles (although the English-dubbed version is also good).

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I'm afraid that I don't have any suggestions for you in the languages you mention.  I studied Japanese and so I have watched and enjoyed more movies in that langauge than in any other.  The classic Japanese moviemaker, of course, is Akira Kurosawa.  He made a number of great movies spanning a variety of genres.  For example, he made "Ran" which is a retelling of the King Lear story.  He made "The Seven Samurai" from which the American move "The Magnificent Seven" was made.  He also made "Rashomon" which is seen as one of the great movies in any language.

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You have a great opportunity to rediscover the auteur films of the 50's and 60's  that have become classics--all very entertaining, but also very thought-provoking.  Just a few names from dozens of great films (be ready for foreign languages with subtitles):  Jules and Jim; L'Aventura; Last Year at Marienbad; 8 1/2; Hiroshima, Mon Amour; The Bicycle Thief; Seventh Seal; Wild Strawberries.  Later and lighter films with musical settings:  Hear My Song; The Commitments.  This is a fruitful basket of entertainment.  Many of these films will stick in your heart forever--it was a wonderful time for cinema, a sort of Renaissance in film and filmmaking, influencing the next generation of American directors.

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This is a great request. Netflix has some very good titles. Here are some that you might want to check out. 

If you liked Love Actually,  you will probably like a Chinese movie that has a similar feel, but with a twist that I will not give away. It is subtitled. So, you will be able to follow the plot. It is called Hot Summer Days. 

If you like romantic comedies, there is a great Korean movie that interweaves the stories of three main characters. It is called Romantic Island. It has a typical plot, but it is very well done. 

For a slower movie with some weight, watch this Dutch film, which I really enjoyed: After the Wedding. 

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One French classic not mentioned yet: Les Enfant du Pasadis (The Children Of Paradise).  Criterion has just released a new edition on Blu-ray and it is of course readily available on standard DVD.  

For German cinema there are, of course, the works of Fritz Lang, the most famous if which is Metropolis, however his films from the sound era are equally good, most notable being M with Peter Lorrie. 

You might also take a look at the more recent film, Downfall, about the final days of Hitler and the Third Reich.  This film, along with Das Boot and The Bridge are three of the best films by Germans about their experiences of WWII.

Also worthy of your attention is Wim Winder's Wings Of Desire, a beautiful meditation of love, eternity and the city of Berlin.

Likewise, though in English, I would suggest The Life And Death of Colonel Blimp -- another excellent meditation on the eternal nature of love.

Finally I would echo the praise for the films Akira Kurosawa.  He is a true master of the cinema and his films are truly amazing.  The best, to my mind, are his samurai films, but his modern pieces too are worthy of your attention.  So many good films to choose from:

Seven Samurai

Yojimbo & Sanjuro

Throne of Blood

Those Who Tread On The Tiger's Tail



All of them are excellent films.

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I saw this one the other day that was quite good. It's called: "El Secreto de Sus Ojos." As you may have guessed, it's in Spanish, but it's also subtitled if you prefer. I must warn you though that some scenes require viewer discretion. But in terms of suspense and intrigue, it's a really good film. I always find it cool to listen to how different people from Latin America speak Spanish. You might too.

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If you like Adventure stories, I strongly suggest Pans Labrinth In french with subtitles? respond if you do :D 

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Les Choristes. It's a French film and it's really cute

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