How qualified is Mr. Hale to ascertain witchcraft?

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Mr. Hale is a preacher from Beverly, a neighboring town. John Hale had an experience recently which made him think that the had exorcized an evil spirit from a woman. However, this is not the case. If he himself took a broad look at the situation, he would see that all he did was take the woman's victim, give the victim some food and tender loving care and then the victim was okay.

Thus, he thinks he is qualified and he has self-educated, but he is not qualified.

He has no experience with the Devil, the occult, or getting witchcraft out of people, or even discerning witchcraft. But he has certainly read much about it. He thinks because he is so well-read, he knows what to do. In fact, the audience recognizes how heavy his books are and a play on words is made as he enters that they are "weighted with authority" meaning that God inspired them.

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