I have a small artwork; describe to me what it is that draws you to the image.Click the link to see the painting of 'hundreds of birds admiring the peacocks': 

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Isn't this going to be highly personal?  The first thing that drew me to the image was the colors.  The difference between the golden brown background and the green plants was interesting, but the difference between the birds and the background was striking.

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To respond to this assignment, concentrate on two elements of art: the visual impact, and the symbolic value.  Describe the picture in terms of the point of view of the observer:  high up, looking down through layers of foliage and wildlife, with a gauze-like effect, as though lace; the hues are muted and diffuse, with no immediately discernable light source other than the atmosphere itself.  Note the busy flight of the small birds contrasting with the somber regal stance of the peacocks, etc.  Use your own colorful vocabulary to elaborate on the details; make some picturesque commentary on the balance and arrangements of shapes and colors; perhaps identify the focal point(s) of the picture, etc.

  Then speak of the symbolic nature of the juxtaposition of small birds full of flight and with minimum color, active, almost frenetic in their fluttering, contrasted with the virtually flightless, ground-based peacocks, large and elegant, displaying their plumage but not nervously active.  Then make an observation about the sameness (both kinds of birds) but difference in “life-style” and “talents” and extend your observations to a socio-philosophical statement about the variety of humans and our need to accept those differences.

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What draws me to the artwork? I think it's the style. It is not usually what I paint or draw because I always focus on the face, body expressions, and facial expressions. In this painting, I can only help but focus on the birds and the environment which encompasses the birds. The main color scheme is brown, orange, and green, giving it a very natural and rustic feel to the painting and the variety of birds with the toned down colors makes for it to be a very interesting painting.