I have to "recreate" a Renaissance painting with a 21st century theme. Any suggestions on what direction I should go? We can use photoshop to alter our pictures. Basically a modern touch to an old renaissance picture. We can use any props or people to recreate the image. 

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One piece of Renaissance artwork that would lend itself to this type of project is "The Wedding at Cana," by Veronese, which was completed in 1553. The painting depicts a wedding banquet. After examining the image of the picture, you could create an image of a contemporary wedding which would include many of the same artifacts found in the original work: wine, food, wedding guests feasting, musicians playing, and attention to the smallest detail which is very similar to what brides and grooms expect at a wedding today.

Another idea would be to recreate a picture of one of the English monarchs such as Queen Elizabeth I. British royalty remain important both, politically and in pop-culture. This would be especially timely as Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch in history on September 9, 2015

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