How can Barthes's essay "Death of the Author" be applied to Pirandello's play Six Characters in Search of an Author?

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In this essay, Roland Barthes argues for the independence of the text from to the author’s stated or possible intent. The importance of the author has been overdetermined, Barthes maintains; once the text is inscribed, the reader’s interpretation is as significant, or even more significant, than the author’s purpose. With the death of the author comes the birth of the reader. Rather than think that the author has created the text, one should assume that the text has found a way to be expressed through a person. His position is consistent with the post-structuralist emphasis on multiplicity and fluidity and the related rejection of a fixed, singular notion of truth.

In Luigi Pirandello ’s play, the responsibility for creation is located within the characters and the audience, not in a reader. Each of the characters brings their own reality to the play, and collectively they seek an author who can help them make sense of their relationships. At the same time, the audience’s...

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