I have a project due and I need some really good dracula (bram stoker book) questions. They need to be kind of challenging. please help!!! thank you!!

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missjenn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1) Does Dracula seduce Jonathan? If yes, how so and how does this compare to the method of seduction of Lucy?

2) When Dracula's front is slashed, what falls out? What does this symbolize about vampires/Dracula?

3) What is the sense of family in Dracula's life? Does he have one? How does it function?

4) How does the character Reinfeild help to show the reader societal divisions from this time? Think about Dracula, Jonathan, and Lucy.

5) Compared to the vampires of today (Look at Twilight for example) how does Dracula differ and how to Stoker characterize him so that he is scarier?

6) What other Van Helsing characters are there in vampire fiction? Consider Buffy the vampire slayer. Is Van Helsing the most successful? Explain his strengths and weaknesses in the battle against the undead and Dracula.

mkcapen1 | Student

Dracula is actually more complicated a novel than people expected it to be.

1) When Dracula brings Jonathan Harker to his place he hires him to procure a place for him. To what country does Dracula wish to travel?


2)  How many servants are in Count Dracula's when Jonathan is held prisoner?

None. Dracula even makes the bed.

3) Describe Mr. Renfield.

He is 59, has a sanguine temperament, great physical strength, a possibly dangerous man.

4)  Lucy's wounds on her neck disappear.  Van Helsing makes a statement.  What does he say?

"Mein Gott"  "Lucy is dying."

5)  In chapter 22, what shape did Dr. Steward and Dr. Van Helsing find Reinfield?

Reinfield was lying on the floor.  His face was bruised and crushed in and his neck was broken.